Our mission is to provide a range of healthy, filling and affordable meals to all foodies, irrespective of food preferences, dietary requirements or personal appetites.


The vision of two young entrepreneurs - Anna & Matt - one from the country, one from the city - Toshka brings the taste of the countryside to the city’s landscape. Our homespun recipes fuse 100% natural ingredients with rustic flavours to produce our take on truly scrumptious country grub.

Since our launch in 2016, Toshka has been making friends and influencing palates around London. Beginning with the bustle of street food at KERB’s lunch markets, hosting seasonal supper clubs and catering various festivals & events, we’ve dipped our toes in many foodie scenes.

Since partnering with industry leaders in office lunch delivery, we’ve gone fully digital to expand our reach to even more customers online. Now we’re bringing our menus to even more hungry offices and bedroom diners with a healthy appetite.


Our ingredients are naturally free from Gluten and our Menus are designed to remain true to their roots. We pioneer roasted vegetable bases and offer them as healthy filling and affordable alternatives to wheat based dishes.

We invest time and attention into curating specialised menus for all diners whilst paying special attention to Vegan and Vegetarian preferences to allow for equal variety of foods for all customers.


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